Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania Safety, Security, and Rescue Research Center (SSR-RC).

The mission of this Industry/University Consortium Research Center, IUCRC, is to conduct integrative, multi-disciplinary research in autonomous systems to improve homeland security. To meet this mission, the center strives to create a partnership between academia, industry and the public sector to:

  • Continuously evolve an understanding of the technology needs of the public sector through direct contact with security professionals and use of field data.
  • Identify basic research themes that have a clear relationship to the needs of the public sector yet considers the de facto prioritization imposed by the constraints of the marketplace, and
  • Educate public sector science and technology decision makers about autonomy systems for homeland security so that the U.S. is able to leverage its intellectual capital to make the lives of the U.S. population safer.
  • Produce highly trained graduate students with advanced coursework in the technologies critical to SSR-RC and hands-on exposure to multi-disciplinary integrative systems.

More information about the Center's technical goals and objectives is available here.

The companion websites of the other members of the SSR-RC may be found here:
University of Minnesota
University of Denver

The center is catalyzed by the National Science Foundation. More information on their role may be found here

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